Johanne McInnis

Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist

Harp & Yoga Festival

Meditation, Relaxation through Harp & Yoga, Kinsgport Beach Nova Scotia Summer 2018
Various yoga classes offered from July 1st to August 15th, 2018

Sunrise Harp and Yoga

  • July 1st, (9:30am)
  • July 4th, (9:30am)
  • July 7th, (9:30am)
  • July 11th, (8:30am)
  • July 14th, (9:30am)
  • July 18th, (9:30am)
  • July 21st, (9:30am)
  • July 25th, (9:30am)
  • July 28th, (9:30am)
  • August 8th, (9:30am)
  • August 15th, (9:30am)

Workshops and Conferences

  • July 4th, (8:30pm)
  • July 7th, (8:30pm) Kirtan
  • July 11th, (7:00pm) Paddle Yoga
  • July 14th, (7:00pm) Practical workshop with Shannon Read, Cycle Fitness after 50
  • July 18th, (8:30pm)
  • July 21st, (7:00pm) Lecture with Dr. Larry Hughes, Dalhousie university: The Electric Car and the environment
  • July 14th, 21st, (6:00pm) Children's corner, bed time story "Good Night Yoga"
  • July 28th, (8:30pm) Celtic Harp Concert by the Sea
  • August 8th, (8:30pm)
  • August 15th, (12:00pm) Discussion with marine biologist (Heather Mayhew) on The state of our rivers and ocean

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Nature Speaks... Beyond Appearance...Seeing Sounds... Hearing Images ~

Displays a visual musical journey, and relationship between nature, human nature and environmental issues Johanne continues to present in various concert halls in Canada her eclectic show: NaTuRe SpEaKs beyond ApPeArAnCeS.

Latest News from The Harpist:

Recently graduated as Yoga 11 teacher, at my Breathing Space Halifax Studio,  I am delighted to include this amazing art of body alignment to my concert life.

General public will be invited to meditate to the sound of the harp on a beach near by her latest performance venue. Stay tuned…

News From Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist

From the castle Le Chateau Frontenac & Le Capitole in Quebec city, New Brunswick Casino & performing through various concert halls in Eastern Canada, Quebec and Montreal, inspiring sacred sounds to various Yoga Festivals and Retreat in Nova Scotia & Montreal/Quebec; Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist Johanne is delighted to announce her Canadian Tour.

July 1st 2018 will be the Grand Opening Day for Bilingual Mindfulness Festival, stay tuned, read more soon…

In 2017-2018, I am touring Canada in various private settings, yoga festivals/retreat & woman’s retreats with a few public appearances, for now:

Nature Speaks

NaTuRe SpEaKs "All Blues" from Wild Lupin Media on Vimeo.

All Blues from Miles Davis, interpretation Johanne's trio.

Nature Speaks Excerpt 2 from Wild Lupin Media on Vimeo.

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