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After a few years of adjusting to life’s transitions, I sometimes feel like a caterpillar that has transformed into a colorful butterfly. This is how life goes, I guess, transforming us through our earthly challenges. I am thrilled to announce that I am now preparing upcoming concert with musicians from Atlantic Canada. While helping my four teenagers to slowly take on their own wings, I have even more life experiences to share throughout these celestial Celtic-Jazz Sounds. As my life is taking on new metamorphosis,

So it is with my music and this website. I look forward meeting my Canadian audience during our summer Tour 2015-2016. Come back soon for the new dates of the Show - "NaTuRe SpEaKs…BeYoNd ApPeArAnCeS."


Currently performing at Stems Café new dates as follows, July 26th, August 9th, and September 6th. Enjoy a wonderful meal to the Celtic Jazz Sounds, every Sunday. Meet the new musicians taking part in this trio from Nova Scotia:
Kory Bayer (Acoustic bass), and Alex Porter (Percussion).

It is my intention that you will be inspired by the Harp Sounds and that it will reach many hearts in profound ways.

MoRe NeWs 2015

I am thrilled to announced that I will be playing at the Wayne Dyer Conference called: I am Light
on May 27th, at 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm at the Moncton Casino in New Brunswick.  I will be welcoming Mr. Wayne Dyer's  guest and will be playing during the Book Signing Reception afterward.

Reservation number for an enlightening evening:
Moncton Casino: 1-877-859-7775


Alex Porter Wayne Dyer

Nature Speaks... Beyond Appearances...Seeing Sounds... Hearing Images Displays a visual musical journey and relationship between nature, human nature & environmental issues. Powerful Show ~ Haunting ~ Enhancing ~ Nova Scotia, Canada In our post-modern world, true silence is rarely experienced, it’s as if we conspire to avoid. It forces us to pay attention to ideas and emotions we make little time for… Silence can be disturbing because it is the wavelength of the soul. Perhaps, silence itself is the mystery at the heart of life and music. ~ Enjoy the show ~ Johanne

Spectacle Eclectique ~ La nature jazze... Au-delà des apparences...Sons à voir... Image à entendre Spectacle multi-média réunissant les thèmes de la nature, la nature humaine et de l'environnement. ~ Inspirant ~ ~ Expérience Artistique Unique & Sublime ~ Québec, Canada.
The management team regarding the show NaTuRe SpEaKs is presently in transition. We are currently preparing for the Atlantic Tour. L'equipe de gerance pour le spectacle "La NaTuRe JaZze" est en pleine transition.

NaTuRe SpEaKs

Al Whittle Theatre

Tickets on Sale
At the Beginning of May 2015
at Box of Delight, Wolfville NS


Video Clip coming up soon.
Coming Soon Concert at Al Whittle Theater June 27th, 2015 8PM

One of the  Main Harpist at the Castle in Quebec city named The Chateau Frontenac, Fairmont  Hotel, Canadian Jazz-Celtic Johanne McInnis is delighted to renew with her  French Public in Quebec city and English Audience in Atlantic Canada. 
Stay tuned for  upcoming dates, summer 2015 - 2016. 
Johanne, harpiste officielle du Chateau Frontenac de Quebec est très heureuse de renouveller  avec son public québécois ainsi qu’avec l’auditoire de l’Atlantique pour une nouvelle saison de concert
2015 - 2016

Revenez sur ce site pour voir les dates de performances.

Official Harpist Castle Château Frontenac Fairmont Hotels, Québec, Canada

Latest news

Music and Meditation for Heart, Mind, Body and Soul facilitated in  Halifax, Nova Scotia with Johanne McInnis and Daniel Friesen  

Johanne’s, music and sound  work has been used in short films, healing workshops, Spa Centers in Quebec  city, and art videos.

Bathing in these sounds compositions and  improvisation can be refreshing for mind, body, spirit and soul.   Her passion for sound brings  forth music infused with intentions to guide and encourage people to deepen  their heart connection within themselves and with humanity.