Some music is intended to paint an environmental scene - a walk in nature, alone or with a loved one, a time where mind, body and soul can reconnect and help us feel whole. Moments where you feel that Nature Speaks,  just listen... can you hear...

Johanne, Canadian Jazz-Celtic Harpist, is breaking new ground in French & English Canada because of her unique, creative & eclectic style.  From her young years as a child, she was greatly influenced by the vibrant artistic culture of Québec & Montréal.  Born in Charlesbourg, Québec, where the arts are in full expansion following the French Quiet Revolution.  She was surrounded by the visual artistic presentation of Cirque du Soleil Street artists showing their creative and expressive moves while walking through thousands of tourist visiting our beautiful province of Québec.  Théberge, a very colorful visual artist, can always be found in the outdoor vernissage & the Grande Allée`s boutik. Johanne is part of the generation that was exposed to cultures outside of Québec. This new political vision caused by the prime minister policies on bilingualism.  Many young university students are encouraged to explore English Canada for bilingual purposes. This exploration of various cultures in Canada has greatly influenced the Celtic & Jazz colors that you can hear in her show:  Nature Speaks... Beyond Appearances... Seeing Sounds... Hearing Images... Through these inspiring voyages in Europe, the Canadian harpist reveals her magical sounds that represent the people of different countries that were met along the way.

She discovered her passion for the harp while visiting Mount Desert Island in Main USA.  After studying music in Québec, Ontario and France, Europe, Johanne took master piano classes with Oliver Jones, the great Jazz pianist from Montréal.  She played music for many occasions in different Canadian Universities and European.  She studied the harp with Jazz, Celtic and Classical teachers.  She also played the harp at the beautiful Castle named: Château Frontenac in the Old Québec, her beautiful home town. Slowly but surely, she has conquered & charmed her Canadian public through her musical sensuality reminding us that we are all connected to the earth.  What we all do affects each other on this planet. Her artistic vision is strong & very inspiring in a century where we need to be reminded that Nature Speaks... Beyond Appearances... Just listen ... Can you hear..

Recently graduated from Hatha/Vinyasa from Breathing Space studio. Johanne is bringing her 25 years of teacher to a new level. In the past year, she just trained to be able to teach YTT 11 Yoga Teacher Training for high school grade 11. Since there is no full time position in that field yet in high school, she has decided to partner in teach teaching Meditation and Yoga Pause with various Yoga Teachers in the province. A lover of Kingsport village, Johanne asked permission to see if teaching yoga would be possible and all she heard is yes of course. On Kingsport days weekend, Johanne played while a chair massage lady was massaging various people. Massage therapy is amazing when it’s done outside in an environment like Kingsport. Touching all the senses is what the duo aims at doing. See Hilda’s bio. The harpist is on a sabbatical next year and will be playing in various Canadian Yoga festivals and retreats.

Refreshing thought from McInnis ~  In our modern world, true silence is rarely experienced.  It's almost as if we conspire to avoid it. Nature forces us to pay attention to ideas and emotions which we usually make little time for.  Silence is disturbing because it is the wavelength of the soul.  Perhaps, silence itself is the mystery at the heart of life and music ~  Nature Speaks, Quebec

The songs of the album Nature Speaks are disarming and provocative in their creativity, naturally. No mask required,  just yourself.  Linked in her new Show - Seeing Sounds... Hearing Images... McInnis does more than perform, she leaves a legacy wherever she goes. A legacy for us to share with future generations - working with nature not against it.  A reminder that what we do affects each other on this planet. (Please visit the  link on my BIO page to learn more about Working with Nature).

McInnis ~  I am so thrilled to see that in
Nova Scotia schools and a few others in Canada, children are creating their own garden and learning to cook Slow Food that will sustain their lives. Some Canadian leaders are supporting  this type of endeavor knowing the long term benefit of fresh nourishment coming right from our yard. This is an important aspect in educating future generations and it has been neglected for almost a century since the rise of Industrialization.

In her new show ~ Seeing sounds... Hearing Images... there is definitely food for thoughts.

I want this music to provoke our generation to go back to the basics and leave out or balance our materialistic ways of experiencing life. There are many practical websites that have wonderful ideas on how to live with nature. Enjoy your visit and welcome to my new Show ~ Seeing sounds... Hearing Images...

Listening to these sounds, we experience:

"Peaceful music that creates an intimate contact with nature, the witness of our profound feelings... we also recognize, here and there, the harsh side of nature that get's over obstacles through a thunderstorm - in order for us to appreciate the light that comes after the darkness."  Robert Toupin, France