Click to go to YouTube - RiverDance -Celtic BodyWorkArt Dance Class

is a mixture of Irish steps with workout movements presented in an exquisite Irish Choreography style.

If you are looking for a great way to stay in shape join these short dance sessions. 
If you are interested in rejuvenating yourself  with empowering Celtic Sounds, this is the place to come! Experiment creative movements, cardio & muscular exercises when you join the art of creative dancing.

Beginner class must bring: * small weights * water bottle * mat or towel

Advanced class must bring: * Irish hard shoe & soft shoe * all the above listed for Beginner Class as well

New Celtic Body Work Out starting September for 8 weeks. Registration is now open for the first ten ladies interested. Email your reservation to

New Celtic Body Work Out staring September for 8 weeks.  Registration is open now for the first ten ladies interested.  Email your reservation at

Dance is a wonderful way for us to express ideas and emotions.  Not only are we able to develop our physical skills, but we learn the history, theory, science and appreciation of Irish dance forms. In this course, dancers are encouraged to practice good nutrition and positive body image by building self-esteem and teaching various ways to prevent injuries to the body. In this dance class, dancers enjoy the small class sizes to encourage individual attention. 

All dancers in this Celtic BodyWorkArt have the opportunity to perform in a very intimate setting.  There is no performance pressure because the purpose is to unwind each woman from her busy schedule, stretch, dance in a relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone has an important role to play while enjoying life and dancing with great ladies.

Short sessions are offered to meet the need of the busy, 21st century woman who desires to enjoy: the love of life, dance, and good physicalClick to go to YouTube - RiverDance - shape. These desires are offered in a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

To inquire about the short monthly schedule of Irish Celtic BodyWorkArt in your region, please send and email to the instructor at the following address:



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