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Through this musical journey, I have met different independent artists who deserve our attention. Please take time to meet my fellow musicians from this beautiful country.

Renaud Labelle is a wonderful bass player & we have been creating together since year 2000. We are also working with special guest musicians from different parts of Canada adding the colours of percussion, guitar, celtic flute, keyboard to the show Nature Speaks.

Tess Wingate, originally from the UK, has been involved in the celtic music scene for the past fifteen years.  With an interest in expanding the genre into new territories while respecting the tradition, she has had the pleasure to work with Simon Emmerson (Afrocelts), Celtica, Hawp, Bill Plaskett, Toggy Mess and most recently with Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist Johanne McInnis.

Jean Dufour, Among those performing with McInnis is Jean Dufour. Known for his subtle percussion sounds, Dufour is a percussion performer who can unite his creative jazz rhythms harmoniously with the harp. “There is a lot of space for beautiful sound exploration in Mcinnis’s music” he quoted.

Celtic dance group from Neuville, Québec.











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