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Johanne McInnis Calendar / Calendrier

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2017/10/06 8:30pm Victoriaville Quebec NaTuRe SpEaks, Johanne McInnis Trio at Le Carre 150e. Reservation information here
2017/08/20 11:30am St-Jean Sur Richelieu, Montreal Quebec Concert in the park St-Jean Sur Richelieu. Reservation/Info:
2017/07/01 6:00pm - 8:00pm Christanis Restaurant, Canning Nova Scotia  Canada Day Evening Romantic Music at Christanis Restaurant. Reservation/Info:
2017/06/22 6:00pm - 8:00pm Chart's Cafe, Wolfvile Nova Scotia Ambiance Music concert & a guided meditation to conclude the evening with harp music called: Simply Sailing. Reservation/Info:
2015/06/27 8:00pm Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville, NS Summer TimeTourTickets on sale May 1st, 2015:  Box of Delight

Res: 902-542-9511
2015/06/20 9:30pm Main Stage Kentville NS Ball Park
2015/05/27 6:00pm - 9:30pm Moncton, NB Moncton Casino, NB Reservation:
2015/04/25 11:00am to 2:00pm
2:00pm- 4:45pm
Saltscapes Expo 2015
2014/12/22   Chateau Bordeau, Quebec, QC  
2014/11/02   Spatz Theatre, Halifax, NS  
2014/08/24 7:00pm 989 Young Avenue, George Wright House, Halifax Creative Intuitive Writing: To The Sounds of the Celtic-Jazz Harpist Johanne McInnis, concluding with a Meditation with Daniel Friesen
2014/06/29 12:00pm Grand Opening: Winery Planters Ridge, Port William NS
2014/06/11 10:00pm

Main Stage, Kentville Ball Park, Relay For Life Luminary Ceremony
2014/06/09 7:00pm King Riverside Court, Kentville, NS
2014/05/25   Main Stage Cole Harbour Center, Halifax
2014/05/24   Main Stage Cole Harbour Center, Halifax
2014/05/23   Main Stage Cole Harbour Center, Halifax
2014/04/27   Saltscape Halifax 2014 Main Stage
2014/04/26   Saltscape Halifax 2014 Main Stage
2014/04/25   Saltscape Halifax 2014 Main Stage
2013/06/21 10:00pm   Kentville, NS
2013/08/9 2:00pm Chateau Bordeau, Quebec  
2013/08/10 8:00pm Le Gavroche, Victoriaville, Quebec  
2012/09/01 7:00 pm   Victoriaville, QC Details
2012/08/19 6:00 pm   Victoriaville, QC Details
2012/06/22 10:00 pm   Kentville, NS Details
2012/06/10 6:00 pm   Bay of Fundy, NS Details
2011/07/8,15,22,29 6:30 pm   Chateau Frontenac, Qc Details
2011/07/9, 23 & 08/6 18h30   Victoriaville, Qc Details
2011/08/6 9h30   Victoriaville, Qc Details
2011/08/5,12,19,26 6:30pm   Chateau Frontenac, Qc Details
2011/08/13 8pm   Québec Details
2011/08/27 8pm   Québec Details
Musicians for the Earth   Artistic Bursary Foundation Details
Celtic BodyWorkArt   Riverdance Style Details
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