Relaxation & Meditation | Harp and Yoga Kingsport Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

“The main spiritual reasons for doing Yoga are to offer gratitude and celebration for our bodies as divine entities and to nourish the overall health;  being mindful of our whole being and others, letting go of what does not serve our individual purpose anymore and flowing through gentle movement, daily, into our true essence.” 

 Breathing Space~Teacher Training Manual p. 12

“Meditation, Relaxation through Harp & Yoga”

Can be offered in French or English.  

Harpist Johanne is offering this Yoga Session on a beach or tranquil location near her concert venues this summer with amazing Guest Instructor from all over Nova Scotia. 

See her schedule for NaTuRE SpEaKs

RESERVATION FEE = 10$/ e-transfer:

Or 20$ cash/check/e-transfer Day of the event

“NaTuRe SpEaKs…Just listen…Can you hear…

Trained in  Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga,

~Breathing Space Studio Halifax~

Harpist Johanne is bringing her cumulative 25 years of teaching experience at a new level of inspiration.

This hour of yoga meditation will include:

  • A guided Meditation with Sacred Harp & contrasting modern sounds helping the participant to scan any areas of stress in the body while replacing it with mindful awareness.
  • Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Pause including a long stretch.
  •  A mindful ending with Savasana & Sacred Sounds.
  • Bonus ~ When you arrive early, harpist Johanne will offer a mini harp concert by the beach to prepare the mind, body & soul to receive all the benefits of the Yoga practice on that beautiful day!



This unique artistic experience of eclectic harp music & modern sounds combined with yoga will inspire and strengthen your inner & physical being.

 The intention of bringing daily life challenges to a new level of awareness is one of many goals throughout the session.


After all is said & done,

“We are, indeed, spiritual beings having a human experience” Wayne Dyer



Other options ~

For Class or Festival/Retreat/Woman's Retreat Reservations: 902-300-5355

~ Yoga & Literacy (5-9 y.o.)

~ Special Needs Yoga

~  Yoga Eclectic Show “ NaTuRe SpEaKs”


Artist Bio   

The Show “NaTuRe SpEaKs … Beyond Appearances…Seeing Sounds…Hearing  Images…”displays a visual  musical journey and relationship between nature , human nature & environmental issues”. Powerful Show ~ Haunting ~ Enhancing Chacra Yoga Mvt Dance~ Nova Scotia, Canada

Info NaTuRE SpEaKs:

You are invited to arrive ½ hour early to enjoy a mini harp concert prior to the Yoga Session.

See you on the mat with an amazing view!

Namaste!  Johanne




“Meditation, Relaxation through Harp & Yoga” Summer 2017 Dates

July 3rd, 11 am
July 5th, 8:30 pm
July 8th, 11 am
August 2nd, 8:30 pm August 5th, 11am
August 9th, 8:30pm
August 12, 11am September 6th, 8:00pm